The clients are the Sutherland family. They are currently residing in a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom townhouse in Maine. The property overlooks Forest Lake. The husband is a local business owner, while the wife is a stay at home mother, taking care four children. Each of the children are about two years apart. The three oldest are boys, JR, Parker, and Bentley. The youngest is a 2 year old girl named Aris.

Mr. and Mrs.Sutherland love the craftsman style house they recently purchased. But they need some help renovating and making their home more functional for their growing family. Along with an overall update of the home, they wish to transform their craftsman townhouse into a modern space. Both Mr. and Mrs.Sutherland agree to a modern style, yet they have very different taste. Mr.Sutherland is a rugged type of man that does not want his home to be feminine in anyway. He requested that he has a space at home for his home office and a formal area to meet with clients. Mrs.Sutherland has an eclectic style and wants her home to be warm and welcoming. She is requesting a large dining table for family dinners and a large space for entertaining during their holiday parties. There also must be a family room for the whole family to watch movies and play games. Additionally, they would love to have an outdoor space, well equipped for family cookouts and outdoor fires. The couple also requested that there be a study area or room for the kids to have quiet time and do homework.

All of the furniture and fabric in the home must be durable in order to be kid-friendly. They would like to make their house as green as possible, using only sustainable eco-friendly design. To effectively use the natural light and lower heating costs in the winter, most of the windows will be on the South side of the home. The color palette needs to be a warm modern household, bringing some of the natural earth tones inside. The outdoor space to be moved to the west side of the house, so that it will be facing the lake, maximizing the view. 

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